Løkenåsen Skole has participated in four Comenius-projects.

2013 - 2015

In 2013-2015 the project is called "Streets of Europe". Here we cooperate with schools from Poland (coordinator), Germany, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The theme of this project is “what we see around us on the streets, both social realities such as unemployment, living conditions, migration and everyday life.”

This is how the motivation for this project is described in the application form: «Changing times and the globalization of all spheres of life, social change and growing unemployment, migration of people forcing the need to train the young generation in the spirit of internationality, understanding and respect for differences and diversity.” 

Some student presentations:

Gustav Vigeland

Norwegian theater history

The national Gallery


2011 - 2013

In 2011-2013 the project was called SHART, «Share Art & Culture». Schools from Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Løkenåsen from Norway participated in this project. The school from Netherlands coordinated the project. The main aims in this project were:

“- to create a partnership that shows the wide variety in European culture. By focusing on one area, food, we will establish a platform that will exchange further communication and bring the youth in Europe together. By showing the distinctive of each country, the student will be proud of their differences and discover their similarities at the same time.”

You can see one of the pupils’ products here >>>


2009 - 2011

In 2009-2011 we participated in a project called "Lives that cross in Europe". In this project we cooperated with schools in France and Belgium. The Belgian school was coordinator. Both pupils and teachers participated in this and the following projects. The main aims in this project were: “ - Learn to know different cultures and the everyday life in different European educational centers - Improve linguistic competence - Work through related topics within history and literature - Inspire intercultural and democratic values, as well as the feeling of being a citizen of a United Europe - Contribute to the improvement of the digital skills and the use of new technologies”

The pupils’ product here was a blog in TwinSpace.


1997 - 2000

In 1997-2000 the project was called "The Cultural Development in Europe During the Last 150 Years - Exchange of Teaching Methods". This project concerned teachers from five different countries and schools: Denmark, Belgium, Italy, France and Norway. Løkenåsen skole was coordinator in the project.